Food is More Than Recipes

Serving today's students isn't just about food, but also about creating experiences. Are you prepared to tailor the experiences you offer to meet Gen Z's needs and expectations? If you are successful, you will see dramatic results in your recruiting and retention rates, as well as an increase in the quality of life for your campus community.

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Reaching New Culinary Heights

Reaching New Heights

The Sodexo team at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University understands the role of campus dining in the student experience. Their devotion to the best quality program possible has built a strong reputation that continues to reach new heights.

Love of Food Case Study

Love of Food

Introducing the Global Annual Culinary Report 2023 - an around-the-world collection of chef stories, insights, food trends and videos that demonstrate our passion for delicious food and culinary excellence.


Convenience is King

Autonomous shopping experience Eat>NOW offers students the convenience of being able to enter a store at any time of day or night, browse a wide array of products, select items and leave, all without ever having to pull out a wallet or stand in a cashier line. 

Girl looking at her phone while holding books

Down with Digital

Gen Z has never known a world without a search engine, social media, texting, or the ability to have a mobile device in their hands. Our Everyday App use the latest technology innovations to ensure your community stays up to date on campus activities, meal options, e-commerce and special promotions.

Woman in a grocery store aisle

Retail Rules

This generation of student expects so much more from their retail experience. Understand what is happening now and next in retail dining on campus.

A Better Tomorrow Report Cover


By 2025, Sodexo aims to significantly reduce carbon emissions and food waste, and increase plant-based eating and positive social impacts. Our 2023 Better Tomorrow Report shows how we will tackle these challenges together with our partners so the solutions will be just and lasting.

Sodexo Male Chef in the kitchen

Plant Powered

Students increasingly seek plant-based and plant-forward dining options that support a healthy lifestyle and promote environmental sustainability. Sodexo’s culinary experts recently created more than 500 innovative plant-focused recipes to meet this growing demand.

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Peace of Mind

Sodexo offers three tailored solutions that acts as a bridge to help students transition from the safety of home to independent  eating on campus.

Continuous Transformation Report Cover

Realizing Value

Continuous transformation in necessary to ensure students can see, feel and taste the value of their dining plans. Tulane’s renovated dining hall in New Orleans does just that.