Food is More Than Recipes

Serving today's students isn't just about food, but also about creating experiences. Are you prepared to tailor the experiences you offer to meet Gen Z's needs and expectations? If you are successful, you will see dramatic results in your recruiting and retention rates, as well as an increase in the quality of life for your campus community.

Click the button to to start a conversation about meeting the ever-changing dining needs of your students. Or, review our University Offers to learn how by focusing on services that improve quality of life, we impact our partners’ ability to attract, engage and retain students.

Liberty Case Study

Read our Liberty University Case Study to learn how we helped their Dining Services increase dining revenue by 50% since 2014, from $20 million to $30 million annually. We were able to maintain around a 92% customer satisfaction rate while also helping their campus go green.

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Love of Food
Introducing the Global Annual Culinary Report 2020 - an around-the-world collection of chef stories, insights, food trends and videos that demonstrate our passion for delicious food and culinary excellence.

Plant Powered Cooking

Plant Powered Cooking

One in four Americans between the ages of 25 -34 say they’re vegan or vegetarian. Sodexo is feeding this growing population with some of the tasty the Future 50 Foods recipes found in our new cookbook. Enjoy!


Mobile First
Gen Z has never known a world without a search engine, social media, texting, or the ability to have a mobile device in their hands. Watch this video to learn about their expectations of mobile-first user experiences for dining options, ordering, meal plan balances, to easy-to-use digital experience on-site like signage and kiosks.

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Celebrity Chefs
At Florida State University, celebrity chef and award-winning cookbook author Art Smith leads the dining team in developing innovative menus that address Gen Z’s adventurous tastes and need for exploration.

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Sodexo was recently recognized as a leader for the 11th year running in RobecoSAM’s “Sustainability Yearbook 2018,” one of the most respected publications in its field. Read Sodexo's Sustainability Report to learn how the company is committed to a better tomorrow.


Plant Powered
Students increasingly seek plant-based and plant-forward dining options that support a healthy lifestyle and promote environmental sustainability. Sodexo’s culinary experts recently created more than 200 innovative plant-focused recipes to meet this growing demand.

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Simple Servings
Simple Servings is your answer to the increasing demand for allergen-friendly programs—creating a positive student experience for this growing population. Introduced in early 2016, Simple Servings is a dedicated station within resident dining venues that offers fresh, flavorful meals prepared without the most common allergens, which account for 90% of all food allergy reactions.

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Dining and Hospitality

Campus dining is about much more than just providing delicious food that students love. It’s an opportunity to engage and educate students while helping them integrate into campus culture.


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