Download Chapter 3: Your City (or Town) is More Than a Place to Call Home

by Wim Wiewel, Ph.D.

Complete the form below to receive a PDF copy of the third chapter of the 2019/2020 series.  In "Your City (or Town) is More Than a Place to Call Home," Lewis & Clark College President Wim Wiewel, Ph.D., shares how his institution creates meaningful partnerships with outside organizations to support both the campus and the surrounding region. He outlines the key elements in achieving mutually beneficial partnerships that create lasting value for all involved.

In this year's President to President series, titled "The Next Big Thing," recognized higher education leaders examine how colleges and universities can anticipate and prepare for the changing realities of an increasingly complex industry. We hope you find value in the ideas contained in each chapter, and we look forward to continuing to explore this topic together.