Provide an experience as individual as your patients.

Get Predictive Insights with Experiencia

Unlock a deeper understanding of your patients and deliver customized, human-centered care with Experiencia from Sodexo. Our innovative solution uses predictive analysis and evidence-based research to provide the insights you need to meet your patients’ individual needs and positively impact length of stay, readmission rates, patient experience and patient loyalty.

Let’s work together to strengthen your relationship with patients through Experiencia.

  • Elevate patient engagement using predictive intelligence and real-time insights, to deliver a 360-degree care experience in partnership with care teams.
  • +3.28 mean score improvement in 300 hospitals integrating Experiencia
  • In patients who were very satisfied with their care experience, 39% we less likely to be readmitted

Download our white paper to see how Experiencia improves patient satisfaction by over 3%.

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