Benefits of Contracting

As a school leader, your list of challenges and needs only continues to grow; however, your time and attention are limited as you focus on the numerous pressures of your job. Factor in the complexities of buildings & grounds or the need to accommodate child and parent food requests or adhere to changing regulations for your nutrition program and the list of challenges only continues to grow.

You need a partner who provides proven, research-driven solutions that will not only benefit you and your leadership team, but also your students, employees, and community at large. Below you will find helpful resources that speak to how Sodexo provides you peace of mind when it comes to partnering, finances, community impact, and employee satisfaction.

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Explore the Benefits of Contracting

Outsourcing can be tricky, we get it. But with the right partner, they will come alongside you and work with you to meet your needs and goals while also providing your district much-needed resource relief. Learn more on how Sodexo benefits partners below.

Financial benefits

Eliminate Financial Risk

Through leveraging an unmatched supplier network and large-scale buying power, we help districts reduce costs all while enhancing overall quality for students. Additionally, we help reduce bloated overhead costs and make operations easier and more efficient.

Community Benefits

Engaging Communities

Your community plays a large part in your district’s decision-making process. They are friends, neighbors, parents of students, and some are employees, so you need a partner who will complement the needs of your community while also helping to bolster it.

Employee Benefits

Investing in Your Employees

Your employees are a vital part of your team, student life, and community, which is why we value the experience and knowledge that they bring. With Sodexo, you can keep your employees, all while giving them new opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

Crisis to Confidence

Strategic, Financial Solutions for Your Future

Trying to navigate the financial challenges that COVID-19 has brought on top of already in place stressors can be difficult. With a partner like Sodexo though, you don't have to carry that burden alone. Our team has developed proven strategies for nutrition and building & grounds programs to ensure they meet budget requirements and even turn profitability.

Myths vs Realities

Myths vs Realities of Contract Services

Move past the myths about contract management partnerships and start enjoying the benefits that Sodexo could be providing your school or district. From providing customized solutions to keeping all your employees, to saving you money, learn more about the realities of outsourcing with Sodexo.