6 trends shaping the employee experience

Hybrid working has become the norm.

While employees prefer remote working due to commute time and cost concerns, it presents brand new challenges for businesses, which are under greater pressure to ensure their workers are engaged and excited to be back in the office.

However, hybrid working also provides a real opportunity for organisations. Responsive and adaptable catering services, built with the hybrid worker in mind, enable experiences that delight and inspire, while making employees feel valued.

This guide explores the six trends shaping how food is used in the office, and the difference it can make to the employee experience.

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What are the solutions available?

Our wide range of brands and delicious food experiences offer a variety of delivery solutions, culinary choices, and menu options that focus on nutrition and wellbeing.

  • On-site catering and staff restaurants: Adaptable spaces with food fulfillment strategies that prepare you for ever-changing workplace needs. Some of our brands include:
    The Good Eating Company: A premium fine-dining offering that sets the definitive standard in workplace food services.
    - Modern Recipe: A refreshing approach to food at work that provides an inspiring menu to reward urban office workers.
    Kitchen Works: Offers affordable, fresh food options with friendly service that refuels and recharges workers.
  • Delivered-in Food: We deliver fresh meals every day to clients who are increasingly seeing food as a vital benefit to keep employees happy and healthy.
    Fooditude, our most agile brand yet, leverages a central production that enables you to make the most out of the office space by removing kitchen areas.
    The Good Eating Company also offers food on a delivery basis, providing premium, fresh, and well-balanced food.
  • Convenience Solutions: At Sodexo, we are reinventing conventional models of convenience by offering a variety of solutions for the distribution of packaged or fresh products, from smart vending and Micromarkets, to a self-serve and grab-and-go basis. 

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Our Pillars


Optimised space designs   Food that connects       Food made productive   Food made smart   Food made efficient
Reduce or repurpose spaces to save resources
   A range of preferred food experiences and options that satisfy and delight associates   Meet the workstyle of the "work anywhere" workforce
  Drive adaptions to changing workforce needs and dynamics
  Hybrid models that balance experience, investment, efficiency, and cost


Client stories

Modern Recipe

When rolled out at global pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca's Cambridge site, our Modern Recipe brand increased workplace dining by 45% and revenue by 60%, while UK multinational drinks company Diageo's introduction of Modern Recipe saw a 15% rise in sales turnover.

Redefining Dining Spaces

Whilst creating and optimising one of our client's dining areas, Sodexo created an agile design that accommodated flexible occupancy levels and helped the client save 219 sq m of under-utilised space, and unique environments promoted employee connection and wellbeing. 

Food Waste

Our waste management solution meant one client reduced their food waste by 40%, at a cost saving of nearly £35,000. This company’s monthly fish waste went down 57% and monthly vegetable waste was reduced by 45%. 

Are you ready to revolutionise how food works for your business? Start by downloading the guide to learn about the six trends shaping how food is used in the office, and the difference it can make to the employee experience.

Download the guide


What is Vital Spaces?

Vital Spaces is a comprehensive and all-encompassing approach that focuses on our client’s vision and business goals to build a complete strategy for workplace transformation. 

Our complete service architecture provides a 360 optimal experience, with specialised services in:



An outcome-focused approach to workplace planning
  Creating productive and inspiring spaces to connect your teams   Seamlessly manage safe environments
The thoughtful details and services that support working life
  Enables faster, smarter decisions about spaces

Sodexo is the global leader of workplace services. By using Vital Spaces companies can save on time, effort, and cost, without the need to recruit specialised services. Instead, we can work with you to create the environments and experiences that work best for you and your people.