Kitchen Works Co. and the future of military dining

Discover how JRD by Kitchen Works Co. was developed to respond to the needs of the modern military; offering a modern, high-quality, attractive, value-for-money mess driven by specially commissioned research into the lived experience of Armed Forces personnel. 

In 2022 we took part in an Army EATS pilot to try and address the changing needs of service personnel and what they want from Junior Ranks Dining. Sodexo’s 40 years of experience supporting Defence forces meant we understood the unique nature of military life; but we were also able to draw on our experiences outside the military, in competitive corporate environments. Fresh, innovative menus are vital, as are physical spaces where customers can relax and refresh. This knowledge, combined with our bespoke research, led to the creation of Junior Ranks Dining by Kitchen Works Co.

Focusing on tasty and speedy food, in a stylish redesigned restaurant space - with excellent customer service - we met each of the Army EATS objectives:

  1. More nutritionally balanced meals - through fresh ingredients and a fresh approach.
  2. Easy access, more often - with a wide-ranging all-day menu, not limited to set mealtimes.
  3. More time on base - thanks to a space fit to relax and socialise, not simply fuel up.
  4. Improve general satisfaction - by responding to what service personnel truly want and need.

Download now to read more about how JRD by Kitchen Works Co. is elevating the lived experience of personnel in this case study on the future of military dining.


Download the case study

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