Webinar: What’s the secret to supply chain resilience?

A pandemic, international conflict and the climate crisis have created a perfect storm for food buyers being asked to transform the food system.  
Research we recently commissioned shows that 9 in 10 say the pandemic caused long-term damage to their supply chain from which they are yet to recover. Revealing further harm, 60% said food waste had increased over the past six months and over one third said net zero had been deprioritised because of ongoing challenges.
How then, in the face of such unprecedented macro-economic challenges and the cost of living crisis these are triggering, can supply chain resilience be achieved enabling food to still be reliably and affordably served? Furthermore, how can this be achieved while minimising damage to the planet?
Our exclusive webinar will explore why prioritising a net zero strategy that tackles food waste urgently from farm to fork, alongside the diversification of the supply chain, will help food buyers to navigate today’s environment and focus on net zero.
Experts include:

  • David E Edwards, Director of Food Strategy, WWF
  • Jen Emerton, Head of Account Management, WRAP
  • Aoife Wycherley, Head of Supply Chain and Head of Food Procurement, Sodexo UK&I
  • Ed Gray, Director, Watts Farm

There will also be a Q&A so you can join the conversation and ask the panel your questions. 
When: 29 September 2022, 12.30 - 13.30 GMT 
Host: Matt Dawson, World Cup Rugby Winner, chef and Sodexo Ambassador 

Join us to discuss how supply chain resilience can be achieved, while continuing to drive forwards on net zero ambition and food waste reduction.

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